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In 1986 the first three Kinder does were born in Washington. MaDolly , Perri Drew,Boondocks, Moona Ruth & past babies ! Goats need to have 10 to 15 square feet of housing if they also have an outdoor area. But with the right goat barn setup, keeping goats can be a great addition to your homestead. Livestock > Sheep & Goats > Goats Cherryville, Pennsylvania. Tara lives on a 56 acres farm in the Appalachian Mountains, where she faces homesteading and farming challenges every single day. I am a charter life-time member of the Kinder Goat Association and assisted with the development of the kinder goat breed. Do not let their smaller stature and docile demeanor fool you, Kinder goats are strong. I got my start in Kinder Goats at the age of 12. Older wethers have an even higher dressing percentage with some 14-month-old wethers having a live weight of 80 pounds and a carcass weight of 50 pounds - a dressing percentage of nearly 63 percent. It is best to add some electrical fencing on the inside of the pen to deter the herd from even venturing too close to the fence. We are currently looking for high resolution pictures of any of the breeds. They typically range from 115–150 pounds and have a dressing percentage of around 60%. Goats have a lifespan of up to 12 years with 8 being the average lifespan. Since the breed is being developed as a dual purpose breed, it is also important to note that the wethers (does as well) make extremely desirable meat animals. Kinder goats reach 70% of their mature bodyweight during their first year of life. Mini-Nubians and other mini dairy breeds are bred exclusively for milk production, and originated by breeding Nigerian Dwarfs to the dairy breed of choice, whereas Kinder goats originated by breeding Pygmy goats (a meat breed) to Nubians (a dual purpose breed) in order to achieve a mid-sized goat that would excel in both milk and meat production. She should be stocky (to help foster the dual breed characteristics of a Kinder goat), have a healthy udder and teats, and boast a solid milking history. They may have been introduced as early as the late 1830s by the first European settlers, who established a shore whaling station on the island. Pygmy goats are carried … All three of the kids were females. To keep Kinder goats (and all other breeds, too) stimulated both mentally and physically, create a “playground” inside of the pen. Put together a goat care kit to handle common medical issues and general care. Kinders are dual-purpose goats by classification – dairy and meat goats. Both the bucks and the does live an average of 12 years old. From 1 st generation Kinders, all other generations are achieved. According to official statistics, their lifespan is between 15 and 18 years. Information on adding new breeds or updating existing information. Milk from this small goat breed has rich butterfat content, sometimes as high as seven percent. Their lifespan is between 25 to 35 years, occasionally more and mature height is 36 inches or under weighing between 225 and 350 pounds. You may have a preconceived idea about goats. Copyright © 1995-2015 Oklahoma State University Board of Regents. They are more resistant to parasites and goat pneumonia that other breeds, on average. And there were about 3000 Kinder goats registered with the Kinder Goat Breeders Association (as of 7 April 2009). Nigerian Dwarf Goats (not registered) Born 8/8/2020 brother and sister 1 male white $100 1 female brown $200 located in Wyoming... $80.00. Learn about Kinders and Kinder conformation. If you go about the breeding process form the other way around, there will be undue hardship placed on the far smaller female Pygmy goat because of the size differences between the two breeds. We soon found there was sooo much joy and gratification working and playing with the goats. My hometown is Berlin Center, Ohio. Pygmy Goats. The fencing around a Kinder goat pen should be four to four feet tall to deter the climbing tendencies that likely stem from their Pygmy goat heritage – as well as to keep predators out. $150.00. This number is expected to grow due to Kinder goats’ high frequency of multiple births and long lifespan, which can reach more than 15 years. A goat stuck in a fence is an easy kill for predators. Kinders are breeds that resulted from the crossing of pygmy goats and Nubians. I have shown in the Canfield Fair Junior Fair Kinder Goat Show for 7 years and the 2016 Northeast Ohio Kinder Goat Show. Kinder goats are typically more resistant to disease than many other breeds of goats. More crosses were made, this time in a deliberate attempt to produce more of these moderate sized, highly efficient diary goats. Kinder goats are used for their milk and meat. A separate and secure nursing stall(s) for use by nannies when they are kidding and during the first few days to weeks of the new kids’ lives is also highly recommended. Breeds of Livestock, Department of Animal Science. There are now more than 50 Kinder goat herd names registered with the association. The milk to cheese ratio stemming from Kinder goats is DOUBLE that amount. We have gentle goat, the Kinder Goat. First generation Kinders are the result of breeding a 100% Purebred Nubian dairy goat and a registered Pygmy goat. The first kiddings of Kinder goats took place on June 30 and the Fourth of July in 1986. Project initiated April, 1994 - Initial web site opened February 22, 1995. The Arapawa goats are among the few survivors of the Old English milch (milk) goat which is now extinct to their native England. These small dual purpose goats are far more likely to die of old age than any disease or illness common in goats.The overall hardiness of this relatively new breed of goats is one of its top selling points. It worked. She, along with fellow local female goatkeepers, Kathy Gilmore and Daralyn Hollenbeck, created the organization in an effort to promote and start a herd registration book for this new quality dual purpose goat breed. The Showalters of Zederkamm Farm were already keeping a herd of the miniature Pygmy goats but needed to take care of the breeding needs of the Nubian nanny goats, and does also present on their farm after their own buck died. We've always been hobby farm enthusiasts, so we were excited about venturing into goat care. Kinder Goats For Sale. Billy goats and wethers stand between 26 to 28 inches (66 to 71 cm) tall, on average. This dairy goat breed was created in Snohomish, Washington in 1985, but has largely gained only regional fame in the decades since… but that is changing. Usually born weighing 4 or 5 pounds, they grow rapidly at a rate of about 7 pounds per month. The Kinder goat is a cross between a pygmy goat and a Nubian goat, and was developed at Zederkamm Farm in Snohomish, Washington, United States. Finally! Contrary to popular belief belief goats do not eat everything. They decided to give the Pygmy Billy goat a shot, and see if such a breed could be successful and see what the kids stemming from the couplings would develop into. her homesteading skills are unmatched, she raises chickens, goats, horses, a wide variety of vegetables, not to mention she’s an expert is all sorts of homesteading skills such as hide tanning, doll making, tree tapping and many, many more. But first, you must decide if creating Kinder kids with a pedigree is important to you. They are easy to manage, produce lots of raw milk, and are very entertaining! Find pygmy goats for sale from a breeder near you. They have a base production of 1,500 pounds of milk in 305 days or less. There are basically two ways to create your very own herd of Kinder goats. Miniature donkeys are an affectionate and comical breed, forming bonds with humans much like dogs do. Teresa Hill saw the potential of these goats with their smaller size, high feed conversion efficiency, rich milk and easy fleshing. Please provide a description of this breed as well They do not produce as much meat as a standard-stature meat goat, but do provide tender and lean meat that can fulfill the needs of a typical homesteading family. The Showalters took advantage of some sloping land on the Zederkamm Farm and used some logs to establish a spot with the proper height and angles for breeding to take place. Hubby said he heard 6 months, but I would like the best meat what is a good age, or weight I guess to butcher? The average lifespan of a kinder goat is 15 years. I also keep a quarantine stall and a small pen area away from the main goat barn to separate new arrivals and sick or injured goats from the rest of the herds. 56,805 talking about this. The resulting stock was selectively bred to create a compact but well-muscled goat, suitable both for milk and for meat production. The Showalters did not want to take the mature female milk goats off the farm to be bred by a buck they did not own. Some kinder goats have pygmy ears while others have long Nubian ears depending on the cross percentage. The Kinder is an American breed of domestic goat. This is a relatively new breed, developed in 1985. This makes the dressing percentage a very favorable 60 percent. Female Minder goats usually stand 26 inches (66 cm) tall. Goats were recorded at the station in … Kinders have the playfulness of their Pygmy heritage, and also possess the docile nature of their Nubian ancestors. The KGBA is a terrific, supportive resource for new owners and breeders of Kinder goats. It was not until the following year that the first male Kinder goat was born. This small dual purpose goat breed has a lot to offer self-reliant families on homesteads both large and small. Ask area goat owners whom they recommend. I will be butchering my wether later..he is one week old right now. Most folks have not, and that is a true shame. At that time we thought it would be a good thing to attempt due to a milk allergy in our son. You should assume any link is an affiliate link. A mature kinder goat of either sex typically ranges in size from 115 150 pounds (52 to 68 kgs).The butcher or dressing weight of a kinder goat is approximately 60%. Ideal Dairy Goats for Your Farm & Family Kinder goats are small but they make a large amount of milk. Some of the reviews on this site may be compensated by the companies whose products were reviewed. A herd-book was started in 1988; by 2006 about three thousand head had been registered. Goats … Their old Nubian buck had died and left their two Nubian does without a mate. Along with two other local Snohomish ladies, Daralyn Hollenbeck and Kathy Gilmore, Teresa launched an organization to register and promote this new, dual-purpose breed of goats. The fall of 1985 found the Showalters of Zederkamm Farm, Snohomish, Washington in a bind. Though smaller, Kinder goats are required to meet the same standards of production to be eligible for star milker awards as their larger counterparts registered by the American Dairy Goat Association. JAN 2019 (,, 2013 Kinder Goat Kids (,, How I Built A 16×16 Goat Pen (,, How to build a goat shelter (, How to Build a Waldorf Village for Under $30. The goat living quarters should be as draft free as possible, and have straw for bedding that is changed on an as needed basis. Liberty turned into a delightful goat with a charming personality, delightfully rich, sweet milk and the ability to produce three to six kids every year. Having to bend over or stretch a long way while mucking is uncomfortable and hard on your back, so if the goat shelter you build won’t be taller than you are, don’t make it too deep. They bred the does as the wanted them to get back into milking and so the Kinder goat breed was born. On my birthday some 22 years ago Rick got me two kinder goat does. Though smaller, Kinder goats are required to meet the same standards of production to be eligible for star milker awards as their larger counterparts registered by the American Dairy Goat Association. Kinder goats are a miniature to small size type of goat that not only makes an excellent “farm pet” and a 4-H project animal, but is also both excellent milker and meat goat. Once you have looked at your budget, available goats in your area (or factored in the cost of driving to a breeder’s farm or having the Kinder goats shipped) you can move along with the herd development plan. Physical Characteristics of Kiko Goat. She swears that since she has been raising goats for 10 years and her goats don't live longer than that, this MUST be correct. Teresa Hill, one of the recipients of the first Kinder goat kids from the nearby Zederkamm Farm, became so enamored with the efficiency and quality of the milk these goats produced that she helped found the Kinder Goat Breeders Association. There is a breeders association named the Kinder Goat Breeders Association. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. These ideas may be right or wrong. The first option for creating a herd of Kinder goats is to use or purchase a Pygmy Billy goat and mating him with a Nubian doe or with a nanny goat. The gestation period for Kinder goats is the typical 145 to 152 days of other goat breeds. Aug 6, 2016 - Explore Julie Snider's board "Kinder Goats" on Pinterest. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please mail your original copies with our email form It originated on a farm in Snohomish, Washington, where in about 1985 an American Pygmy buck was cross-bred with Nubian does. There are many different factors that affect the life expectancy of goats. Regardless of how you choose to get started in Kinder goats, odds are it will be both a rewarding and profitable homesteading adventure. Goats are very curious creatures. Our very first goats were Spanky and Fritz. Pygmy goats are small and make great pets. These two guys weren't the nicest, and so we traded up for some calmer, kinder goats. There is an official report of a goat that lived 24 years. We are a small family farm located in Southeastern Wisconsin, consistently striving to make life better for our animals, our planet and ourselves. They are keenly aware that every Kinder goat people encounter is an ambassador for the breed. Going this route will cost a bit more money, typically, but registered goat kids will sell for a higher price and are necessary if you want to show the herd, join a formal association, and perhaps even to participate in some 4-H events. © 2021 New Life On A Homestead | Homesteading Blog,, BABIES!!! Unlike the miniature quality milking breed, the Nigerian Dwarf, Kinder goats have typical hand-sized teats, making them easier to milk – especially for newbie keepers. You can get more cheese from milk with a Kinder goat than with a dairy cow. Of course, there are many cases where they live shorter lives and longer lives. So they bred the Nubians to the little fellow and in the spring of 1986 three little doe kids were born, the first Kinders.
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