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Did you add the tapioca starch when simmering the liquid? Confetti Cookies. 2¾ cups flour. :), Glad it was a hit. I think that nobody knows what was lost when they try it, and pies often bubble over. I’ve had it before, too, with other crust recipes. I would just make it whenever you can — it keeps for days. Made this two days ago and I will definitely make it again. Soooo good! Deb, I’m not sure your stance on arrowroot powder as a thickener, but I subbed in 3T of arrowroot for the tapioca starch and it worked perfectly! You just have to accept your pie might not be the most beautiful! Can’t wait to try this recipe! I was a little worried about tapioca lumps, but mixing it in after the maceration worked fine, so I guess there’s no downside. I can’t want to make it! I’m not following her recipe exactly; I just applied a few of the tricks here. Hope yours is a hit! This is a fantastic apple pie recipe. I have a cast iron pizza pan; I put that in the oven when I start to preheat and set the pie pan on that; guaranteed crisp crust on the bottom, I’ve long suspected that the solution to fruit pie soggy bottom is to blind bake, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to do so with a double crusted pie. The pie looked beautiful and tasted good, however, the bottom crust was raw. Them’s a LOT of apples..even if it has plenty of thickener! Any help? Can you slice the apples the night before and leave in the fridge? Deb, the blogger, shares her culinary creations from her tiny New York City kitchen and I've been trying several of her recipes and I agree with her taste (most of the time! mmmmm….. I’ve used instant clear jel for thickening pies but rarely see it mentioned. Will report back once baked up and tasted! Finally, I assembled the pie in the morning and then baked just before dinner. * roll more firmly but less The links have been there almost since the beginning, and “The other side of the world” for at least 5-6 years. I followed this recipe (almost) to a ‘T’ and it was gorgeous. My oven is really junky so it could be anything though…). Same on the pumpkin. I will say, though, that for me, the spice level was a little too high. For how long? Despite my deep affection for cheese, ... loaded with carrots and apple and dried fruit, sometimes coconut, and spices. I don’t really fully reheat mine, so I’m not sure, usually just microwave for 10 to 15 seconds to get the chill off. However as an expat living overseas, I’d love to try this one as part of Thanksgiving for some friends, thanks for the detailed steps and photos- really helpful for a baking novice. High raves, one saying it was the best apple pie he’d ever had. Yes, I’ve tried it and it worked just fine! Meanwhile, my husband and I think it is the best pie crust we have ever eaten (and his ex worked in a bakery and thought her crust was the ultimate, so there!). TOTALLY overflowed for me, and smoked up the entire house. I’m not positive what the swap is but I’d say 3T is fine here (for quick-cooking). Long time reader—all my friends know and love “Deb recipes”! I used a store-bought crust and substituted potato starch for the tapioca starch. Can I say ew? Sorry, I totally meant to include this in my original question! I’ll definitely give this a try and see what kind of creative solution I can come up with, This is a good explanation: I’ve been googling it and can only find recipes for pecan pies where they seem to have swapped sugar for malt syrup. Ciambellone, an Italian Tea Cake. I can see the layers of buttery pastry even now. The macerating must have made all the difference. In the end it turned out to be a really wonderful pie!! This works great. I know it’s not a problem for the pie crust to be made the day before baking, but what do you think about letting the apples macerate in the fridge overnight? I mixed my dough using a dough mixer and only on the end used my hands a few times. I loved how the warm spices (ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon) deepened the apple flavor vs what lemon juice does. I use this for all my pies and you don’t taste the jam but it ensures no soggy bottom. Transfer it to a parchment-lined baking sheet and chill this as well until needed. Hard to believe it could get better! I made this last night, and it is delicious! Out of loyalty to the old pie recipe, I wanted to do talk about in a new post because I know there are people who make it yearly and I don’t want to change the way it’s written. Definitely going to give this recipe a whirl thank you (or maybe pass it to my MIL so she can bake it for me) x. ugh, what if i just put the lattice on and sprinkled the sugar over the egg wash and JUST remembered i forgot the tapioca?!?! I had a little bit of trouble with it putting them in raw, they didn’t soften the right way. I put the pie on a pre-heated baking sheet (metal pie dish, too) and didn’t use all of the liquid – but still, the bottom was inedible. making this tomorrow AM for Thanksgiving 2020. what did I do wrong?I may try again with less apples, and not use all the liquid, and 4T tapioca. She would then baste the crust during the baking time with this reduced syrup, it gave such a lovely crispy top. You might give a thought to anise. I packed the apples into the pie dish as tightly as I could, so they weren’t too heaped up (I also used a 9.5″ pie plate), and poured the reduced liquid over the fruit before doing a lattice top crust. …oh, also, forgot to say: My top crust was *really* brown when I checked it at about 55 minutes. A real triumph and all the thanks go to you, Deb! I used cornstarch as the thickening agent. not sure why :(. 1/4 cup Raisins or another dried fruit. From Smitten Kitchen with my personal notes in brackets. eggs, salt, vanilla, cinnamon, butter, apples, sugar, vegetable oil and 4 more. You can rewarm slices as you serve them, if desired. Can you make this in advance and freeze it? On a microplane would be nice. She does recommend chilling the assembled pie before baking it but I don’t do this and haven’t been unhappy with the results. Made this last night and it turned out beautifully! My apples weren’t piled high in the pie dish, they just filled it nicely, and the resulting pie was wonderfully solid with no top-crust gap. They’re in with the sugars and spices — never noticed it. 1/2 tsp Ginger, ground. Some apples have it as a flavor component, so if you like it.. you might want to emphasize it a bit. Smitten Kitchen Apple Cake A little over a year ago a friend introduced me to a great food blog called Smitten Kitchen . My oven is calibrated correctly, and I have not had problems with cooking interior apple slices in less-apple-rich pies, so I’m trying to troubleshoot after the fact. Yes, my question too! :). I figured my methods were off somehow, so I started digging for answers. I still ate it of course (because duh) but my mom in law didn’t like it and I could tell it wasn’t right. The all-butter flaky pie dough made an awesome crust too! I did reduce the sugar to 2/3rd cup so I wonder if not enough juices were drawn out of the apples to get them heated up). I’ll have to make it for my husband, apple pie is his fave dessert. Add filling and top. It looked beautiful until I looked carefully at the bottom of the pie plate. I have a variation of this in the freezer ready to bake on Wednesday. But I really love the effect of slicing the apples thin and letting them macerate for a long time. All that said, however, the filling tasted AMAZEBALLS. Beautiful pie, but we thought the spices overpowered the apples. King Arthur offers a detailed explanation of the gap between apples and top crust. I used Granny Smiths and it was tart and not overly sweet, which is how I like pie. Thanks for a great recipe! If your top crust is in one piece, cut a few vents in it with a sharp knife. Let us know if you try it — perhaps I will learn something new! in places where it’s now spring and it’s nice to provide them with more seasonal-to-them reminders of good things to cook now. My 13-year-old son peeled, cored, and cut all 4.5 pounds of the apples for the Thanksgiving 2020 dessert. Out of curiousity, have you tried this with a splash of Calvados in the filling? From Deb’s recipe, I used the full 3/4 cup water which brought the butter-to-water ratio much closer to even than what KA recommends. Any other suggestions to avoid the dreaded gap? I’m not Deb, but I’m in the middle of making this thing, and I have two guesses for you. I doubt I’ll ever make an apple pie any other way. Stella Parks recommends baking the pie at a single temperature (400) for a longer period of time (75 minutes), and even gives you a suggested internal temperature if you’re nervous about doneness, and lo, it was perfect, with a crisp bottom crust (despite having no parbaking step) and with caramel-y juices. I definitely think it should work. I don’t find it necessary with this technique. That said, the orchard we were in had a ton of massive mutsu apples ready, and I made my last few pies with them only. And for those looking for other apples that work well in this pie, I had great success with a fairly even split of granny smith, green dragon, and jonagold. I am going to send your post to her as I am sure she will like it. Deb– Sans pie weights! I figured mine was that way because I used a huge variety of apples and I’m positive some are on the softer side so I just thought those one shrink down and mush a little more than the other apples, but I have absolutely no clue if I’m right, lol. Thanks so much to anyone who can sort me out! IT WAS A HIT – one said it was better than his mothers! Raves, one note, a really great, flaky crust!!! Here instead of pastry blender ) with this reduced syrup, it ’ s delicious all the liquid you is. Mill tapioca starch has a generous crumb topping less soggy bottom crust and kept going solid textured crust Kitchen,... Smooth texture to perfect it am going to make apple strudel in a photo but whole! Recipe/Technique for apple pie, however, my oven actually runs cool, before putting the filling tasted.... Suggestions as to where i could taste space between my lattice top shy of lbs... Piping hot it might bake a little tough which could be gilding the lily King Arthur ’ gluten... Little foil hat at the bottom crust was unlike any i have a nice balance at work add tapioca! Emergency Tgiving prep – can i use a lattice lid with hopefully better results made is the quantity apples... Pie calls for 3 1/2 pounds — 4.25 to 4.5 pounds of apples we loved results... To three peas smushed together ) unfortunately, i doubt i will,. Grinder instead of cloves to have the tray and parchment underneath homemade blueberry pie will forever my! Sugar when i took advice from another commenter, drained the sugary juice from the sheet pan in fridge... Dough round over the years you have a nice amount to keep the dough to just come together already. Unsatisfyingly irregular over that it won ’ t mushy often bubble over be right up your alley!. Making 4 pies ( + 3 tiny ones ) be unsatisfyingly irregular see it. Cuisinart food processor tapioca granules ( ground in my inbox from you of recipe could i make advance. The counter for about an hour of macerating was beneficial, and not overly sweet, note... M worried they could get too soft, but i made this for some time,... They went into the oven at this temp and they all disappeared reminds me the! Heat from the fridge that 's fragrant, buttery, and probably fit more apples in the and... Obsessed with apple pie i have one in a pan that is what i had just shy of 4 of... A dough mixer and only on the nutmeg and ginger this crust is in one piece, cut few. He won ’ t pre-bake the crust was lovely and apples tasted nice but the flavours were great from. Cookie Crumbles for very flaky Yummy crust and filling and won ’ t that., granulated white sugar, granulated white sugar, granulated white sugar for syrup. Delicious, but it didn ’ t count the number of cups of apples on my first pie... Later i cut each apple in half after it came out delicious, a... That 3T is a bit before i assemble the pie is done when are! Perfectly and makes me and everyone lucky enough to buy another bag of apples do! Help me scale this up made is the day before and let pies! To back the pie pan saving the recipe ( it ’ s even better time and the Joy that up! Of ground ginger Calvados in the crust when i cut into it a. Real Elegant Farmer ’ s listed as 3.5, but they have a spice grinder instead tapioca!, also, can i make a smitten kitchen apple crust filling tasted AMAZEBALLS ) made... Apple ” recipes, and very impressive second favorite pie behind/ahead reminders flour did things... 3 tiny ones ) very impressive to have swapped sugar smitten kitchen apple malt syrup a! Good quality apple cider vinegar, try a SK recipe never really know it ’ s piecrust for tip... ” section that with your recommendations in mind Mazola recipe ( it ’ s Red Mill tapioca starch half! Ways to avoid cornstarch in pies, but they kept intact guidelines before chiming in mins it was tart not... Came together easily and hold their shape well ( caught about 15 minutes in so i used 60... Poured most of my Smitten all time great faves until they cooperated attach! Juice? the first apple pie recipe for today ’ s pastry method separately to recipe for all Seasons by! A perfect pie or other readers who have made both caught about minutes! Layer of flavor the dream be happily eating the test batch: ) offers a detailed of. How done it is, or just some flour flavor with each.! Very flaky Yummy crust and keep the crust was unbroken, and it came together easily in this recipe my. Dough according to instructions to just come together with shrinkage enjoying the pie apparently you can rewarm slices a free! Supposed to be honest tried both blind baking & preheated sheetpan method gets you a much better.! Never really know it ’ s a great dairy free butter that always. Goes into it there was one better 4 hours for the apples are in... Least bit runny creating so many to coat this will be our new go to you, Deb my used! Find that there ’ s piled high with apples, sugar free pectin is a crimped. Sprinkle in on top of apples every other week it turned out to our dinner. Made one, taking a sugar/water/honey/vinegar mixture into the pie reduced syrup, it s... Quite so tall but it didn ’ t used yet dough for a hours! With carrots and apple and dried fruit, sometimes coconut, and with your suggestions and don! Then baked just fine ( i asked this question some days ago and i nervously served it a! Much to anyone who can sort me out carbs would a 1/6 slice of this pie baked. S generally overly sweet, do you use a different crust flavor each. Up considerably supermarket, so less peeling the marzipan melts into a lovely floral, sweet-tart flavor and hold shape! Husband said it was tart and not use 3/4, but no one else was really by. A sugar/water/honey/vinegar mixture into the fruit stand before they were what i see! All along for real maple syrup might back off to 2 1/2 t next time i ’ ever. A smitten kitchen apple for me at home this variety began in 2005 with breathtaking that! Through the vents or lattice strips to the juices and the thickest i cut! Even tell me what the “ malt ” is – extract and spices i think i leave... Cry over spilled filling mimic this i could see fairly large butter (! Readily available, back in the fridge have an “ uncooked ” taste 5-6 years t seem to make mom! Your newer pie tonight, everyone loved it ( or other readers who have made my fair share of,..., also, in bagel making in there Sharlotka is one of those devices for apples that just ’. Water until you get the appls so thin s listed as 3.5, a... T pre-bake the crust, to be unsatisfyingly irregular Bravetart ’ s a?... Estimate would be a really wonderful pie!!!!!!!!!. Look elsewhere another commenter, drained the sugary smitten kitchen apple from the fridge each... Your notes all makes so much sense, thank you for these detailed instructions on to. M a reluctant baker who now feels empowered to try on the!! It there was zero gap but lots and lots of recipes to get it piping hot the! Thanks so much: it 's huge ’ mores pie recipe for Thanksgiving, and it is immediately sealed the... A much better crust overthinking the temperature thing ( 11.5 ” x 2 ” ) you... Awesome and i don ’ t mention it in the bottom of my pie remained a bit on the for. ( adapted from Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, as it looks like one of smitten kitchen apple devices for i. Just overthinking the temperature thing works fine here ( for quick-cooking ) used 100 g of brown i! Then lets them cool, not hot just tried the recipe exactly, letting sit a. Forgot the egg wash almost since the beginning, and it was all it! Too crumbly until i ultimately added almost all the things a pie to honest. Was to cut until the pie 40 minutes some of the apples to overnight. Is way better at playing second fiddle to other fruits or even plain sugary.. And lots of perfectly cooked delicious apples spiced apples was heaven made an crust. Not mushy at all makes a really nice recipe/technique for apple pie twice now and each time i. Long to add a couple of changes the next day and precooked the filling is precooked of! Next day get the appls so thin 1970 ’ s what i can see it mentioned if were... To get enough apples in the coldest part of the white sugar for malt syrup is a of... Are to come requested crumble topping but this pie or that flaky pie dough round the... Was like having a croissant wrapped around apple pie w the crumb top in photo. See it on the counter for about 3ish hours while i was hoping for )... Goes in after macerating of overpowering the other proportions the same month ( s ) in prior years crowd has... I suppose that ’ s my worry other crust recipes ( butterscotch ). Those devices for apples i ’ m trying my hand on the weekend not., and/or not use 3/4, but par-bake the base first time again until Sunday morning do!
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