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Joe Luca, Scn since 1972, New OT V, L11, L12; Gold Seal Data Series Evaluator; Primary Rundown (Super Lit); Staff Status I, II and III; OEC Vols 0, 1, 3; Finance and FBO Full Hat, Dir I&R Full Hat, Missionaire Full Hat, Debug Hat, PTS-SP Course (twice); on staff 10 years in Guardian’s Office, senior exec at GO WW. The company's filing status is listed as Inactive and its File Number is 569339. Found: Yvonne Almblad. Approximately 2.5 years on staff (Guardian’s Office and ABLE). His technical alterations include the destruction of training, the re-definition of instant reads and FNs, violating the "No-Interference Zone" Policy for those on OT VII (with unnecessary sec checks every 6 months) resulting in unworkability. Indie since 2010; Solo Auditor, OT I & continuing up the Bridge! He joined in 1972, worked for a year on staff -- with L. Ron Hubbard -- and then was a regular non-staff parishioner (a "public") until 2007. star of many Scn public films and Tech films), Peter Smith of Sydney Australia, Class V ,OT V, Scientologist 25 years, Staff 10 years, IAS lifetime member, Elena (Dubow) Ross, 10 years, CL 6, OT4, Sea Org staff, missionaire: USLO, FOLO, ASHO, AO, Kinga Falk from Germany, 15 years in Scientology, 8 years SO, Happiness Rundown, Masserini Gabriella, Joined in 1983, OT Vll, Paulo Facchinetti, OT Vll, Italian Scientology pioneer, Tiziano Marzotto, Clear, 27 years in Scientology, Giovanni  Carboni, Clear, Scientologist since 2002, Armando Comincini, Clear, Class lV, Scientologist for 20+ years, Alexis (Lex) Gaddy, staff 2.5 years, Golden Age of Tech Academy Supervisor, Paul Bourgeois, OT lll, L10, L11, Scientologist for 20+ years, Kay Proctor (Austin, TX), Scn since 1984, Public Contact Sec CC Dallas 1987 - 1991;  IAS Honor Roll; Exec Status I, Data Series, Pro Reg, currently on Solo NOTs in Indie field, Cynthia (Cindy) Pinsonnault, Scn since 1967 (mom was a Scn), Clear, former mission ED, IAS Founding Patron (Houston, Texas), Bert Schippers, Scientologist since 1986, OT IV, IAS Patron Meritorious, Double Cornerstone, Silver Humanitarian/Excalibur, Lynne Hoverson, Scientologist since 1973, OT V, IAS Patron Meritorious, Double Cornerstone, Silver Humanitarian/Excalibur, Kim Loss, Clear, Grad V/CCRD C/S, Purif C/S, KTL/LOC C/S, Glenn Ladewig (Dallas, Texas), Scientologist 15 years, Class II Auditor, IAS Patron, Amie Lee (Dallas, Texas), Scientologist since 1997, Flag-trained HPCS, staff 7+ years, Tricia Slocum (Dallas, Texas), Scientologist since 1992, Purif, Class I Auditor, IAS Patron, staff for 5+ years, Kris Slocum (Dallas, Texas), Scientologist since 1992, HRD, Student Hat, IAs Patron, staff 2.5 years, Rob Judd, Scientologist since 1975, HDC, Ethics Spclst, Word Clearer, MCSC, Co-Audit Sup, Clear, OT III (FZ), (Melbourne)joh, Laura Wilson (West Texas), Class IV, FPRD Auditor, NED Course, OT VIII. Per Schiøttez (Denmark), Scn since 1965, Class IX Auditor & C/S; Full OEC, FEBC, First-Class Sea Org Missionaire, Awarded Kha Khan by Ron for work as NOTs Lead Auditor at AOSH EU & AF, appointed Port Captain Apollo by LRH (but never arrived); left the CoS in 1982 and have been field auditing ever since. people phone Thanks Eileen. Explore Life Stories, Offer Condolences & Send Flowers. His discovery will dramatically improve the purity of ice. Catherine Zoltan, Scn since 1972, Clear No. Cary, NC, is where Sarah Almblad lives today. 12: The city of Clearwater, Florida, SCIENTOLOGY BLACK OPS, Episode 10: Bryan Seymour wraps up his series axed by Seven News, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder provide the comparisons and parallel of the NXIVM cult and the SCN cult, Martin Padfield is a Brit who got lured into the cult at age 19, SCIENTOLOGY BLACK OPS, Ep 9: Director Paul Haggis responds to a lawsuit’s rape allegations, Episode 10: Attorney Ray Jeffrey Taking on Scientology in the Courtroom, SCIENTOLOGY BLACK OPS, Episode 7: Celebrities who seek godhood through David Miscavige, Opening with the lie that cult leader David Miscavige did not hire 2 Private Investigators to stalk, SCIENTOLOGY BLACK OPS, Episode 6: Dirty tricks are a sacrament in this ‘church’, Scientology chiro Dennis Nobbe drops dead after being informed he’s going to jail, SCIENTOLOGY BLACK OPS, Episode 5: A ‘church’ that used a dying woman to ‘always attack’, Last Updated on Saturday, 28 July 2018 13:56, Steve "Sarge" Pfauth, ex-SO, Int base, personal friend of LRH, Hadyn James (T Paine), started 1975, on staff 31 yrs, SO 25 years, CL IV C/S, OEC, Clear, Lucy James, started 1976, staff 30 yrs, OEC, OT, Ignazio Tidu, Scn since 1984, Class XII, Permanent Class IX (NOTs Auditor), 22 yrs in the SO, AOSH EU, FSO, FSSO, Mike Rinder, ex-Int base, (CO OSA Int, LRH PPRO Int, WDC OSA), Steve Hall, Scn since 1979, Purif 2x, HRD 2x, PTS RD 2x, Suppressed Person RD, New OT V, L-11, Volunteer Minister Crs, Hard TRs, Stu Hat, Book One auditor, Book One Legionnaire, Ordained Scn Minister, HRD auditor, Hubbard Senior Sec Checker, Flag-trained Class IV, Flag “Ok to Operate an E-Meter,” PTS-SP Course (4X), Hubbard Personal Ethics and Integrity Course, Ethics Specialist, KTL/LOC, OEC Vol 0, Product Debug Crs, D of P Full Hat, Exec Status 1, OT Doctorate Course, Hubbard Art Course, 1,025 OT lectures; 2 yrs Guardian Activities Scnt (Intelligence Bureau); 3 yrs org staff (Austin); 20 yrs SO: 3 yrs Solo I/C FSO, 11 yrs Central Marketing; 6 yrs scriptwriting dir, Ken Urquhart, ex-LRH Pers Off, LRH's close friend, Jack Airey, 1st service in 1968 at LA Org, Scientologist for 43 years, Shannon Kimoto, Scn since 1981, Clear, Level 0 Auditor, SO 21 years in CMO Int and RTC (Inspector General Communicator RTC), Hiro Kimoto, Scn since 1981, Clear, Book I Auditor, SO 21 years in CMO INT at the Int base. Sarah Turner Almblad, Sarah M Almbiad, Sarah M Almblad, Sarah T Almblad and Sarah T Amblad are some of the alias or nicknames that Sarah has used. Possible related people for Robert Almblad include Christina Marie Almblad, Jay Martin Almblad, Yvonne A Almblad. porn Select this result to view Robert E Almblad's phone number, address, and more. Because the confrontation the as-is ing the Universe around me, mine and others, the so called dreams, which were way back when, the wild-est what one could imagine have become reality. How abouta list of OT8s and or OT 7s who have gone psychotic? Thank you Eileen, for standing up and doing a standard doubt formula. Imagine on-line Scientologists just saying "No" to Disconnection. crimes Izhar Perlman, Scientologist since 1978, OT VII, Gary Lerner, (Original OT7, OT8, KTL, PDC). View Milton Gordon's profile for company associations, background information, and partnerships. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the date listed.) Memorialize Donald's life with photos and stories about him and the Almblad family history and genealogy. Robert has been found in 2 states including Illinois, Florida. yager Dave Richards, Scn since 1970. That this life time in such a young body you have already put 25 years in the S.O. Inventor Robert Almblad is heralding in a new Ice Age. Am I on this list? Stopped wasting my time and money with the CO$ in 2012. Abandoned dissemination programs. Looking back I know I suffered a lot of mental anguish during my short time with the church but learnt a lot. El gusto es mio! Yvonne Almblad Open Report DISCLAIMER: You may not use our service or the information it provides to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. Bill Dupree: interupted training flow. (Page 2) Hi, my name is Robert Almblad and I am an Independent Scientologist. I am an ex OSA staff in Paris at Paris Org. Search our database of over 100 million company and executive profiles. divorce I was the Snr Chaplain at Flag at that time. Sarah Turner Almblad, Sarah M Almbiad, Sarah M Almblad, Sarah T Almblad and Sarah T Amblad are some of the alias or nicknames that Sarah has used. I noted my name on the list, somebody written it up. Shocking, unbiased consumer reviews covering every Scientology book, lecture, course, auditing level, organization and program — more than 300 in all. Was in since 1977; when my then boyfriend, then husband, and now ex, had me join. Al Brown, Scn since 1972, St. Louis org Dir I&R 'til 1975; Los Angeles area public since 1975; Wise Sector 1986-1990; LA Day Exec Esto 1992-'93; OT III, OEC/FEBC, Exec Status III, Lifetime IAS. I was a "cult member" until the "wasband" left me in 2005. full time auditor & C/S, AOLA, Msn Holder, SHSBC,, Charlie Sweeny: 1950s LRH lecture attendee, research auditing pc., Class IV auditor, ex Msn staff, Tony DePhillips, mid New OT VII, Prov. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Miller, Graham C. and is located at 1022 A.I. Anna Schultz, Scientologist since 1987, Clear, Penny Krieger, Clear, L11, KTL-LOC, Scientologist 40 yrs. I write in Silvia Kusada`s blog. Wolfgang Keller (Los Angeles), Scn since 1969, New OT VII, Permanent Class VIII, GAT interned Class VI, full time auditor since 1989, Harold Ruder, Scn since 1979, Power Plus Release, on the Solo Course, Jeff Pietsch, Scn since 1991, Grade IV, D of T & Course Supervisor Santa Barbara Org 1993-1996, Louise Bruemmer, Scn since 1978, mid NED, Grade IV, L11, L12, Steve Spargo, Scn since 1977, Cl V Grad, OT V, 9 yrs on staff/Sea Org, Ariel Spargo, Scn since 1992, Class V, NED, 2 yrs on staff/Sea Org, John R. Beckner, Scn since 1966, Class IV, OT VIII, Khoi Nguyen, Scn since 2,000, Method One, TRs and Objectives, 1 year on staff (Perth and AOSH ANZO), Tsipi Andersen (Israel) Scn since 1979, OT 5, Guillermo Colin, Scn since 1982, staff member and Sea Org at Flag from 1989 to 2008, Bryan Parker, Flag-trained Class III Auditor, attested Clear in the Indie field on July 4, 2012; now on Solo, Forrest Crane, Scn since 1970, Class VIII, OT IV, Patron IAS, Susan Crane, Scn since 1987, Class IV (pre-GAT), OT V, Patron IAS, staff 15 years, Gary S. Moore, Scn since 1974, Ordained Minister, Mission staff - 3 yrs, SO Flag Bureau - 2 yrs, Interned Class VI, Religious Freedom Crusades at Portland, Berlin, Frankfort and Paris, Patron with Honors, Looked, didn't listen: 2008, Slade Grove, Scn since 2009, TRs & Objectives, Book One Pro Auditor, PES Phoenix Org, 1 yr staff, Significant Donation to the Phoenix Ideal Org project but name removed from contributions plaque after I sued and won for reimbursement of approved Purchase Orders I personally funded. LRH Kha Khan (1974). ); PTS/SP Course, Interned Class V Graduate Auditor, Hubbard Senior Security Checker, several full hats, OEC 0, Finance Course, Data Series Evaluator Course (DSEC); 20 years on staff including admin posts in Divs 6, 7 and 4, Pro Word Clearer, Cramming Officer, Staff Staff Auditor (performed special sec checks for legal matters under OSA). Ronn Stacy, Scn since 1980, 9 yrs staff in the 80's, Book 1 Auditor, Comm Course, various mini-courses for post, Stu Hat, M1, MCSC, Pro TRs, Class 0 Auditor, Hubbard Pro Reg, Intro to Scn Ethics x2, PTS/SP, Hubbard Ethics Specialist, Staff Status II, Exec Status I, all 21 checksheets of the Scientology (Volunteer Minister's) Handbook, completed several Miscavige "Basics," left in '09, no regrets since! Robert Almblad, HDC, Class II, Solo auditor, OEC 1974, one of first 15 NOTS completions at Flag in 1979, New OT V completion 2005 at Flag, worked for LRH 1972-1973 Apollo Stephen Rockford Hammond, Scientologist since 2004, HDA, HQS, PTS/SP course Dani Lemberger (Dror Center of Haifa, Israel), Scientologists since 1980, OT VII, Ethics Specialist, Class IV Auditor, Ed of Dror Center Since 1992, Tami Lemberger (Dror Center of Haifa, Israel), Scientologists since 1980, OT VII, Flag trained Grad V Auditor, Class V C/S, Senior C/S at Dror center since 1992, Aviv Bershadsky (Dror Center of Haifa, Israel), Scientologists Since 2001, OT IV, Class V Auditor, FPRD Auditor, Class IV C/S, Staff at Dror Center for 10 years, Dima Dubinin (Dror Center of Haifa, Israel), Scientologists since 1994, Grade 4 Release, Class IV Auditor, Pro SUP, Purif C/S Staff at Dror Center for 17 years, Carmela Weizman (Dror Center of Haifa, Israel), Scientologists since 1996, Grade 3 Release, HDA Staff at Dror Center for 16 years, Moti Weizman (Dror Center of Haifa, Israel), Scientologists since 1999, Grade 3 Release, Pro Sup, Class I Auditor, 6 Years staff at Tel Aviv Org as an Academy Sup, Staff at Dror Center for 6 years, Eitan Beitner (Dror Center of Haifa, Israel), Scientologists since 2001, Grade 0 Release, Pro Sup, Staff at Dror Center for 5 years, Bill Henley, Scn since 1980 (Zen since Y2K), New OT VII, Class IV Auditor, left in 1997, Cindy Plahuta, Scn since 1988, New OT VII, Executive Director Criminon WUS (Western United States), Matt Plahuta (Boulder), Scn since 1973, Clear, staff in Boulder Mission, Niklas Lindgren, Scn since 1994, joined staff in 1998, Maribel Coronado (Brighton, UK), Scn since 1993, Congresses, Ups and Downs, Pro TRs, Upper Indoc, Student Hat, Metering, Dianetics Auditor Course, E-Meter Course, currently on NED, staff 2 yrs AOSHEU, Rob Burns, Scn since 1975, staff Honolulu Mission (Div 6), left after mission holders were slaughtered in ’82, went OT outside the CoS, Pat Shannon, Scn since 1975, widow of IAS Patron Bill Shannon, KTL/LOC, PRD, OT8, HSDC, various admin & ethics courses, Phil Colson (Boulder), Scn since 1983, New OT8, Class  4 Auditor, KTL/LOC, Course Supe, staff at Boulder Mission (11 years) until 2011, Ann Cannon (Dallas), Scn since 1992, Grade IV, Student Hat, staff 15 years: DSA (OSA) Dallas 3 years, Addresso I/C 10 years, Allan Macdonald, Scn since 1983, Grade IV, Stu Hat, HQS, KTL/LOC, 13 yrs Sea Org at Flag (1986-1999), Elbert Chang, Scn since 1989, Grade IV Release, KTL, LOC, PTS Rundown, FPRD, Case Resolution Rundowns (Flag), Student Hat, Method One, Phil Gilbert, Scn since 1974, Clear, HSDC, twice in the SO, pro FSM since 1992, Steve Stuart, Scn since 1989, Book One Co-audit, Purif, Objectives Co-Audit, Life Repair, KTL, LOC, Method One, Student Hat, Pro TRs, PTS /SP, Staff Status I & II, OEC Vols 0 & 1, staff at Portland CC, Scn Drug Rundown. rinder Writing, to be come known by the name is not the reason for me, to blow my horn but to inspire otheres to SOLO. Their names are Robert E Almbald, Christina M Almblad, and four others. I write on her Blog of my wins , cognations, realities and of communication with other beings, the adventures one can have when no loger connected to the MEST Universe. Good to have news from you. Delivered over 4,000 hours of Dianetics. All Rights Reserved. Not just simple things like walking through walls, levitate etc.. More, much more. I would appreciate being in the list, which must be in the thousands now. - Robert Almblad, October 28, 2011 (Mahty's blog) Grad V auditor, Ethics Specialist, 3 yrs SO, Stefano Scarpa, Scn since 1979, Milano staff 1988, Student Hat; Pro TRs; staff status 1-2; Exec status 1; HDA, Brian McGuire, Scn since 2006, Grade II, Class VA Hubbard Expanded Dianetics Specialist Graduate Auditor, Gary Mahon, Scn since 1996, Purif completion, mid PTS-SP Course, Yolanda Atayde-Dawson, Scn since 1976, Grade IV, NED auditor, S.O. Which is totally fine Proud to be on the list, to be known that i use the Technology with great results. miscavige’s Julia Nickson, Scn since 1994, PTSP, KTL/LOC, Grade 1, Top Book One Auditor CCI in 2005, left in 2010 and am now continuing up the Bridge independently. ", Karola Andris, Scn since 1984, ex-SO (13 years Freewinds), Don Tompkins, Scn since 1995, KTL-LOC, ARC Straight Wire, Roman Teabo, Scn since 1999 (since the age of 8), Purification Rundown, 2 years in the Sea Org at ALOA and at the Flag Land Base. Brett Haugen, Scn since 1991, Clear, Student Hat and PTS/SP, L11, ex-staff, IAS Patron, Candice Williams (Schifeling), Scn since 1999, ARC Straightwire Quads, IAS Lifetime (myself and my daughter), Phil Bruemmer, Scn since 1971, OEC/FEBC, Class VI C/S, MCSC, PWCC, Cram Off, Candy Swanson, original OT VII; Class VIII, XDN, staff in NY Org, AO Alicante, AO Scotland, AOLA, Apollo 1969-1970 and the original Celebrity Center; field auditor since 1972, Martin Gibson, Scn since 1997, Purif, Objectives; Book One, Assists, Intro processes auditor; 2 years on staff, dedicated to the preservation of standard tech, John James (Dallas, TX), Scn since 1975, Clear/CCRD, FPRD, L's, Exec Status One, mini hats, Mission Holder/ED Houston Mission ('84-'90), DED of the Dallas Ideal Org (Nov - Dec '09) saw it was not LRH, proud to be in the Indie 500, Jim Crowley (Houston, TX) Scn since 1967, Independent Scientologist since NOW!! FAMILY; Carl will be lovingly remembered by his wife of 67 years, Sarah, his three children, Lori Faye Bock and husband, Richard Bock of Abiquiu, NM, Jonathan Lee Almblad of Edinburg, TX, and Jill Marie Gore and husband Phillip Gore and grandchildren, Ryan and Bethany Gore of Apex, NC, brother David Almblad and wife Pat of Arlington Heights, IL, along with many other family and … The Church has no REAL power. I joined the Sea Org at Celebrity Center in LA in 1971 when I was 23 and began my SO career in Scientology working for LRH on the Apollo in 1972. Have been posting comments using my real name in Karen's channel, Rinder's blog and other sites. Or anyone you know in a hospital who wants to go home without a life-threatening infection. clear torture The link is: Sydney Osborne, Scn since 1989,Scn DRD; Interned HPCSC (both pre- and post-GAT); Director of Training Denver org '90-'02; built largest co-audit & Academy in WUS; staff & OES at Mace Kingsley in CW '04-'08; left CoS in '10, declared in '13, Danièle Jossi, Scn since 1982, New OT VII, Class IV Auditor, staff at Lausanne Org (Switzerland), SO member at Flag, ISA Patron, escaped in 2011, Alfred Calver, Scn since 1977, Clear, OT 4 (original), HSDC, Minister, Collided with management by the mid 80's, Angie Wilson, Scn since 1971 (FCDC); Objectives, Grades, NED, CCRD (twice), Power, Power Plus, OT Setups; HAS, HQS, HSDC, BSM, Minister's Course, Student Hat, Pro TRs, Clay Table), Method One, Rob Phillips, Clear, Flag-Trained Word Clearer, Staff in LA Org 2 1/2 years. Their power only comes from being able to enturbulate you. dianetics I would like to know more about your past and your family who probably are/were in the S.O. 4th Court, Miami, FL 33179. Kurt Wilson, Scn since early 1970s. It is the enemy within we should recognize and willing to declare so. Sea Org from 1992 to 2012. abortions donations put me on the list in , first joined in 1967,n.y. Book 1 Auditor, Pro Tr's, KTL & LOC, Clear, L 11 & L12. Even then it would not be well received. chairman Clear# 12,002, HSDC Grad, Book 1 Auditor, Student Hat. Volunteered at orgs throughout years in Scientology. Gwyneth Wesley Rolph, Scn since 1993, attained Clear in Independent field, HPCSC, HPWCC, HDA, Purif  I/C, OEC 0 & 4, 8 yrs on staff, continuing training and planning get delivery going in UK, Anthony Ardillo, Scn since 2012, studying and applying LRH's teachings to improve conditions, Graham Billington, Scn since, 1989, Clear, L11, L12, L10, PTS/SP Course, Student Hat, KTL/LOC, Basics, Cindy Temps (LA, CA), Scn since 1980, OT VII, Permanent Cl IV, NED, Senior Sec Checker, FPRD Auditor, mid the SHSBC, PTS/SP Course x2, much more; Patron of IAS. hiding David Stokes (Toronto), Scn since 1973, ex-staff, HQS, Staff Status II, MCSC, HSDC, Class IV, HSSC, KTL/LOC, HESC, IAS Patron with Honors, mid New OT VII, declared Aug 2011; Teresa Greer (Ramsey), Scn since '95, staff 11 yrs, Purif, HQS, Exec Status II, Mini Hats: ED, D/ED, PRES, HES, OES & PES, PTS/SP, Claire Yurdin (Adams, Luhrs) OT IV, Class IV, HDC,  Super Literate, staff 10 years (org, mission, Delphi), Mark Whitehouse, Dianetics auditor, basic staff hat, Clear, ex-SO, Tim Daigle (Vancouver, B.C. Calvin B.Duffield. John Boswell, former Austin Fdn staff, OEC/FEBC grad, KTL/LOC, Ready for the Bridge! Now I am proudly: declared, and verbally OUT! Thanks M & M, from all of us, I am sure." His discovery will dramatically improve the purity of ice. If I see your picture, I'll recognize you. Mark Elliott, in Scn 30 years, staff 14 years, Class II auditor... now CLEAR and Class IV in the Independent field! Christi Miller in Missouri. One day soon I will be on this list. Clear, OT 8. Hello Steve, I would be proud to be included in the list: RE: The Indie 500 Of course whether it be the Indie 1000 and beyond the initial idea was genius. spouse management The Indie movement was an exodus of people taking their first crucial steps to freedom. Maybe Flag Crew? Sergio, Hi Steve, pls put my name on the list!, 10/15/2011 - October 15, 2011 Tarpon Springs, Florida. with a man named Robert Almblad appears to be some of the worst, most vicious, and most reprehensible activity by the church since the 1970s, when it actually tried to get people killed and imprisoned.
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